Welcome back to my all new fan page. Its been down for a while but its back with a new look, new photos, a new, easier to use Chat room, and my brand new photo gallery..

   You are welcome to visit the site as often as you like, enjoy all the features and of course to interact with me, personally. There are several ways to do that. First, keep an eye on the news page. If you have become a member of my fan club, every time I post a new “news” bulletin”, I’ll notify my fan clubbers with an email.

   My news page will be listing dates, times and places where I will either be making a public appearance on my own, or with the Great Model Showcase, and when and where I will be hosting “Meet & Greets” for my friends and fans.

   You can also chat with me in my chat room and even leave a voicemail message for me. I try to return as many of my messages as possible.

   Please visit often but please do register. That too is FREE and I will never share your information or sell it to anyone, but by becoming a registered friend, I can be in much closer contact with you.

   So enjoy, and please, I want your feedback on everything you find here as well as my work, and about anything you’d like to share wit me. I want to

get to know you too.

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