About Me, Exotic

   Hello, I'm Exotic and I'm so glad you found my Fan Site. I'm an extremely versatile and passionate person, an artist with a sensual and expressive personality. I'd like for you to get to know me, an open minded, friendly, and adventurous Asian with luscious, full natural and very kissable lips, classic almond eyes, and a chiseled petite body. I am told I have a pleasing and engaging personality. I am bold, daring, sexy, adorable, fun, classy, delicate, vibrant, and just a little mysterious.

    I have many passions. I love entertaining and modeling, the sensual arts, men and women who are caring and imaginative, romantic and funny, adventurous and energetic, positive and uplifting, and who are spiritual, sensual, and giving.

    I love to dance, exercise, Yoga, Pilates, massage, photography, meditation, aromatherapy, alternative medicine, anything that stimulates my sensual side and people who intrigue me.

   You'll find I am open, honest, and liberated. We can talk about anything from hot cars, to travel, antiques, fetishes, fashion, music, movies, romance, and long, luxurious bubble baths. I'm an open book.

    I'll also be asking your opinions on my photos and various aspects of my career. And I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible at Meet & Greets and public appearances.

    My Fan Site will be evolving and adding features that will make it easier and more fun to interact with me so please come back often.

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December 28


model, entertainer

5' 1"



very long





Chinese, Seafood, Filipino

Sex on the Beach

Dance/club mixes

Personal alone time, reading, surfing the web

Rapture and Stroke of Midnight

Santa Barbara, Monterey, Vegas baby!

Fredricks, Macy's Love Boutique  Haggen Daz Dulce De Leche and Tiramisu

Great sex

Negativity, arguments

Striking personality, positive  

attitude, great smile, and physique

Striking personality, positive

attitude, great smile, luscious body

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